Everything You Need To Know About Betting On Baseball

Baseball is one of the most popular American sports and a frequent choice for punters who seek bets with a high return on investment. In order to make a profit when wagering on this sport, you first need to get a thorough understanding of how to bet on baseball. This process begins with learning the rules of the game, and ensuring you understand the core mechanics and its format. There are hundreds of games scheduled throughout the regular baseball season, as well as plenty of exciting bets to be placed during playoffs.

Compared to other sports, baseball presents punters with an opportunity to place rather unique bets. The option of a draw is ruled out, so you will only have to worry about predicting one of two possible outcomes. Each type of bet has its pros and cons, and the odds are prone to continual movement. These movements triggered by different baseball-related factors, as well as the actions of punters.

We will teach you how to make baseball betting profitable, and how to avoid the pitfalls that claim so many beginners. We’ve chosen to place the emphasis on mastering the MLB, given the fact it is arguably the most important baseball championship of them all.



The origins of baseball are uncertain, though some historians believe that the game was invented in the 17th century. Some of the first games that shared the main characteristics of modern baseball were folk games played in Europe. The versions played in Britain differed slightly, influenced by historical customs. In the US, baseball was codified from a combination of these games, as well as rounders and cricket. This happened in the 18th century and since then it grew into one of the most popular North American sports.

Baseball batting only became popular at the beginning of the last century, when the sport was played nationwide. The MLB is the strongest championship in the world, with the best and richest teams. However, baseball is also played in Central America, Cuba and Japan. These nations participate in the World Cup and international tournaments. The best athletes from these countries tend to join the Major League Baseball, while others compete in the lower divisions.

How Is The Game of Baseball Played?

This sport is played by two teams consisting of nine players each. It is a turn-based game, in which the two teams alternate from offensive to defensive plays. When the team is on the offense, a player hits the ball thrown by the pitchers and then runs from base to base to score points. During the defence phase, pitchers throw the ball towards the catcher, trying to prevent the opponent at bat from hitting the ball. Points are scored over the course of nine innings and the visiting team always starts the game.

The pitcher is one of the most important players, because they have the job of throwing the ball with speed and precision. When it comes to baseball betting strategies, many of them revolve around the quality of the pitchers involved. The best pitchers will manage to cause the batter to miss three times, hence strikeout. Points, or runs, are scored when players successfully run from one base to the others (scoring when they reach fourth, or home plate). At the end of nine rounds, the team with the most points wins the game. If the number of points is even, extra innings are added until somebody gets at least one point advantage.

Different Types Of Baseball Bets

Unlike other sports where games can end undecided, baseball has the advantage of just two possible outcomes. Players who want to learn how to bet on MLB for baseball in general have two options. They can stick to betting on the outright winner, or choose one of the special markets and place different types of baseball bets. There are dozens of alternatives, but the five listed below are arguably the most popular baseball betting options.

Moneyline Baseball Betting

Punters who have just learned how to bet on baseball are likely inclined to choose the money line wager. This is the simplest kind of bet; all you need to do is to pick the team that wins the match. Whether the odds are expressed in decimal, American or fractional formats, the goal is the same: predicting the winner. The moneyline bet in baseball is similar to its counterpart used in other sports, because it applies to the final result. These bets also cover extra innings, should they be necessary if the score is tied after nine innings.

The odds reflect the difference between the teams involved in a match, so the favourites always get the lower odds. Punters have the option of chasing the best return on investment or whether to mitigate the risk. In this regard, MLB betting isn’t any different from wagering on other sports. In exchange for choosing the simplest and most straightforward path, players give up the chance of tinkering with the odds to try and improve their potential winnings. When choosing Moneyline baseball betting, it’s best to use an odds comparison tools to identify the best possible value.

Run Line Baseball Betting

The next step for punters who understand how to bet on baseball, but seek more flexibility, is to explore run line bets. Bookmakers will give the underdogs an advantage of 1.5 runs, while lowering their odds accordingly. There are still two possible outcomes when betting on the run line. If you back the favourite, then they’ll have to win by at least two runs, while a bet on the underdog is still a winner if the team loses by the odd run. This is a great choice when you are confident that the best team will win comfortably.

Baseball can be a very difficult sport to bet on, especially if you choose MLB betting. Even the best teams lose a lot of matches during the season, so punters need to find a way to maximize the return on investment when the favourites prevail. The run line has the advantage of triggering bigger profits, effectively allowing players to offset the seasonal losses. On the flipside, nearly 30% of MLB matches are decided by one run, so it’s essential to pick your games carefully when using the run line.

Over and Under Bets

Some of the most popular baseball betting strategies focus on the over and under bets. Just as the name suggests, punters bet on the total runs scored in a match. Depending on how strong the pitchers are, the quality of the outfielders and other, more subtle things, the total can differ greatly. Pitchers are by far the most important when placing over and under bets on baseball games, regardless of league. That’s because they spend many innings on the pitch and throw plenty of balls towards the players who are batting.

When you learn how to bet on MLB and choose the over and under bets, it’s worth remembering that there are some details to consider. These are the things that regular punters ignore, or fail to understand the importance of. Matches played at high altitude, such as the ones at Coors Field in Colorado, are more likely to result in a high number of runs scored. Strong winds — such as the ones in San Francisco or Chicago — can also influence the outcome. Equally important is the virtual hit-box that each umpire has, which can benefit the pitcher or the batting player. It may be difficult to find and interpret this kind of deep statistical information, but it’s always worth trying.

First Five Innings Bets Baseball Betting

A special type of bet is one based on the score recorded after five full innings. Compared to moneyline wagers, this type of bet can actually result in a draw if both teams score the same number of points. Punters prefer this bet when they believe that one team has a clear pitching advantage; this is because the impact of the starting pitcher is considerable, and he is almost certain to spend five innings on the mound. For these bets to stand, the listed pitchers must start, otherwise the stakes will be returned.

There are two types of first five innings bets, one on the leading team and the other on the number of points scored. Regardless of what you choose, betting on the first half of the match has the advantage of removing many variables. For example, you won’t have to worry about the strength of the bullpen once the starting pitcher leaves the field. When you don’t have the experience or time to dwell on complex baseball betting strategies, first five innings bets are a good, simple option.

Series Bets Baseball Betting

Betting on individual games can be fun and has the advantage of potentially triggering immediate winnings. At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have baseball betting on series or even season winners. Series bets are available at select bookmakers during the regular season. However, they are used frequently during the playoffs when the best teams compete for the World Series. Once you learn how to bet on MLB, you can hone your skills throughout the season and prepare for the playoffs.

At this stage, teams compete in seven games and the one who wins four matches advances to the next round. Betting on a series is essentially placing a wager on the outcome of at least four games, and a maximum of seven. These are all moneyline bets, because the winner of the series is decided by factoring in all the results after extra innings. Veteran punters can even bet on the precise score in a series, with bookmakers offering odds for everything from clean sweeps to 4:3 nail-biters.


Best Bookmaker For Baseball Betting

American sports in general, and baseball in particular, enjoy ample coverage at all the biggest bookies. There are plenty of options worth considering and odds comparison tools can help find the best odds. However, as far as we are concerned, William Hill is probably the best choice for baseball betting. One of the main reasons for why this sportsbook is a good fit for baseball is the amazing coverage of events and markets.

Anyone who has learned how to bet on baseball will find many betting options, ranging from basic options to complex wagers. William Hill covers all the matches during the regular season and has hundreds of markets during the playoffs. You can place Moneyline and run line bets, back winners after five innings or bet on the total number of runs scored. When it comes to playoff matches, baseball punters can find in excess of 50 markets than encompass all popular bets.

William Hill also has special promotions for American sports in general, though their emphasis on baseball is particularly noteworthy. They feature MLB in great depth, but also Japanese baseball betting, in the Nippon leagues. Last but definitely not least, it’s worth noting William Hill’s Acca Five Insurance offer applies to baseball matches.

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Popular Baseball Betting Terms

When you learn how to bet on MLB, it’s also important to understand the baseball lingo. There are plenty of baseball betting terms out there, though naturally, some are more important than others. The good news is that these are easy to remember and the learning curve is smooth, even for absolute beginners.

  • Moneyline — Betting on the winner of a baseball match without a point spread
  • Against the Spread — Betting on or against a team with points handicaps, which are added after the match.
  • Arbitrage — A type of baseball betting that implies a combination of bets that guarantee at least one winner.
  • Run Line — The equivalent of point spread in soccer, in which the underdog is given a -1.5 runs advantage
  • Totals — Betting on the total number of runs scored in a match, with the line usually ranging from 6 to 10.
  • Team Totals — Betting on the total number of runs scored by one of the two teams playing a baseball game
  • Parlays — A combination of two or more bets whose odds are combined to create a big payoff.
  • Middle — Placing two side bets on the same match to ensure that there will be at least one possible outcome in which both bets win.
  • Future Odds —  Betting on odds given by bookmakers on the winner of a series, including the World Series.
  • Proposition (Or Prop) Bets — Special bets on markets unrelated to the final outcome of the match.

Top Tips For Betting On Baseball

There’s a long and difficult road starting after you learn how to bet on MLB. The road begins with confusion, but ends with you mastering baseball betting and enhancing your potential winnings. To avoid many of the common mistakes committed by fellow punters, there are a few baseball betting strategies worth following. These five tips can help you make your baseball betting adventure as positive as it can possibly be.

Analyse the Strengths and Weaknesses of Pitchers

Starting pitchers are the most important players in each baseball game and understanding their strengths and weaknesses should be a top priority. If you want to learn how to bet on MLB, start by carefully watching these instrumental players. Form is important, but don’t stop there; try to understand how each pitcher performs against certain teams. The head to head record can help you make an educated decision when betting on baseball.

Not only the pitchers starting the games are important, but also the ones replacing them in the final innings. A strong bullpen can help a team rebound in the final minutes of the game and offset a narrow margin advantage. Research should obviously include fielders, batters and the entire attacking line-up of the teams involved. Try to spot the weaknesses of starting pitchers against specific batters and see which have an advantage over right-handers and southpaws.

Seek Value in Baseball Betting Odds

The only way to beat the house edge is to constantly place bets where the odds surpass the risks. Even though searching for value is the hardest thing to do when betting, baseball is easier than other sports. As soon as you learn how to bet on MLB, focus on placing value bets instead of betting volume. Look at the head to head record, form and road and away numbers, but don’t overlook details.

To find value in baseball betting odds, you need to take into account things that regular punters ignore. If you bet on the total number of runs, pay attention to the venue where the games are played. As mentioned above, several things such as altitude, wind speed and the hit-box of umpires can make a substantial difference.

Pay Attention to Injuries

Baseball betting is so popular among punters because of the high number of games played each season. With players spending so much time on the pitch, fatigue is a real problem and injuries are quite frequent. Before placing any bets double check the injury list and pay attention to the official team reports. Even if a player starts a game, it’s important to know if he is likely to be at 100% or if there’s a chance he may play below his potential.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of only betting on teams whose starting pitchers are at full health. At the same time, if you have doubts about the fitness of these players, don’t hesitate to bet on their opponents. Underdogs have a good chance of winning matches if starting pitchers are pulled early for  precautionary reasons. Injuries that occur during the game can’t be foreseen, but most other issues can.

Understand Trends and Odds Movements

Bookmakers will frequently adjust the odds on baseball games due to a number of different factors. Ample changes are usually triggered by injuries, the latest reports and other sports related events. However, smart money also plays an important role in odds movements, and it can create trends. Professional bettors know a great deal about the sport and they bet significantly larger amounts than casual players.

When dwelling on MLB betting, make a habit of monitoring changes triggered by smart money. Big line moves don’t occur without a reason and it’s important to know the cause. No matter how much you think you know about baseball betting, observing sudden shifts in odds is always cause for further investigation.

Keep an Open Mind to Baseball Predictions

There are no sure bets and anyone trying to sell guaranteed tips is trying to deceive punters. Exercising restraint when betting based on the recommendations made by others is the right thing to do. At the same time, don’t start from the assumption that you know everything and keep an open mind. Expand your horizon with baseball betting strategies and learn what others have to say about this sport, while remaining weary of betting guides that promise results.

There are many interesting things that you can learn for free and then apply to your own baseball betting system. See what others consider to be important and get your information from more than one source. You will learn how to bet on MLB more effectively and also fine tune your betting systems.


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