Everything You Need To Know About Betting On Speedway

Speedway has a well-deserved reputation as being one of the most thrilling sports in the world, and what better way to add some excitement to the motorsport than by trying some speedway betting? While most sports fans will know that speedway requires its competitors to race around a tight circuit on their high powered motorbikes, it still remains something of a niche sport. However, our speedway betting guide will uncover some of the more important features of the sport so that everyone can enjoy wagering on this classic motorsport for themselves.

Our guide to speedway betting will look at how the activity originated and evolved to become one of the key motorsports in the world. As well as covering the main speedway tournaments, we will also highlight some of the most illustrious riders and teams that you should be using your speedway betting tips on.

In addition to this, our guide will take a look at the most common kinds of speedway bets, and we’ll also suggest a handful of bookmakers who have traditionally covered this motorsport by plenty of decent odds and interesting betting markets. And with tips for everything from the Speedway World Cup to the British Speedway GP betting odds, our guide should provide everything you need to enjoy wagering on this thrilling motorsport.

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Speedway is a motorsport that anybody can instantly get to grips with. Each speedway race usually features just four riders who must use their motorbikes to complete four laps of an oval track in the fastest time possible. While this sounds incredibly simple, it’s worth bearing in mind that each of the motorbikes has just one gear and no brakes, and so each rider must slide their bike sideways in order to slow their speed through the corners.

Although there is plenty of debate about how speedway first came into existence, it seems as though the motorsport has been around for nearly 100 years. While speedway is most commonly competed in northern European nations such as the UK, Poland, Sweden, and Denmark, it has also found success in places as far-reaching as Bulgaria and Australia.

If you want to wager on speedway, you will have plenty of opportunity: there is a full a sporting calendar full of domestic and international racing events. Perhaps the most popular speedway tournament is the Speedway Grand Prix. This international racing event has been running in various forms since way back in 1936, but its current incarnation now features 15 permanent riders competing in 12 speedway events in locations such as Slovenia, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Denmark, Latvia, the Czech Republic, and here in the UK.

Each Grand Prix features twenty heats that see each rider racing against each of the other fifteen competitors at least once. A rider finishing first gets three points, the second placed competitor gets two points, the third placed rider gets one point, and there are no points for the fourth placed competitor. The points scored allow each rider to potentially qualify for the final of each Grand Prix, but they will also count towards the Championships as a whole and give the competitors the chance to be declared the FIM Speedway World Champion. In the past few years we’ve seen the American rider, Greg Hancock, performing particularly well, but the British star Tai Woffinden, and the current champion, the Australian, Jason Doyle, have helped boost the sport’s appeal significantly.

We should also mention that the Speedway World Cup is an annual tournament that features national teams with a paired format competing to become the best in the world. And while the competition has been rebranded as the Speedway of Nations tournament, its motto of ‘no brakes, no gears, no fear’ gives you some idea of what to expect from this motor sport spectacle.

Different Types Of Speedway Bets

Like all other motor sports, most punters will probably want to just bet on the winner of each individual Grand Prix race. However, as well as the basic winner choice, we’ve found a few bookmakers who offer a few more interesting kinds of speedway bets that take in some unusual sporting locations. So that you know all the possible options out there for speedway betting, here is a look at some of the speedway bets that you will find if you visit your favourite bookie.

Grand Prix Race Winner

This is the simplest kind of speedway bet that you can take. Whether you are wagering on the Slovenian Grand Prix or the German Grand Prix, betting on the winner of each racing contest gives you an easy way to bet on this exciting motor sport. Most decent bookies will allow you to wager on a list of different drivers that range from favourites like Tai Woffinden and Bartosz Zmarzlik to relative outsiders like Matej Zagar and Craig Cook. While these kinds of bets are fairly simple to put into action, all speedway fans know that it can be incredibly tricky to land a succesful result.

Outright Speedway Grand Prix Tournament Winner

The Speedway Grand Prix calendar tends to run from spring into autumn, and if you don’t mind waiting for the result to come in, then you can try placing a bet on the world champion of each season. The majority of decent bookmakers will allow you to make these kinds of outright bets well in advance of the season starting, and it can be a good idea to get this type of bet in early so that you can take advantage of any undervalued odds before the action kicks off. While it’s tempting to back clear favourites like Tai Woffinden with this kind bet, keep an eye out for promising stars, like Maciej Janowski and Fredrik Lindgren, who could provide a shock result.

European Championship Betting

Of course, it’s not just about the Speedway Grand Prix season, as many punters like to take bets on the Speedway European Championship. This follows a similar format to the Grand Prix races, and many bookmakers will allow you to wager on the individual race winners as well as the champion of the tournament as a whole. Leon Madsen is currently looking strong to win this tournament, but make sure to check out the likes of Jaroslaw Hampel or Robert Lambert, both of whom could feature strongly in this epic motorsports showdown.

Placed Betting

Nearly all decent bookies will allow you to wager on the winner of each individual speedway tournament, but some go the extra mile to allow you to bet on whether a competitor will get a placed finish in the final tournament standings. This provides you with lower odds than predicting the overall winner, but if you think that your favourite rider has a fair chance of finishing in the top three of any particular speedway tournament, then this could be a good bet to try. This kind of betting tactic can also be used for individual speedway Grand Prix races too.

Handicap Betting

If you want to back a race favourite like Bartosz Zmarzlik, Maciej Janowski or Tai Woffinden, but can’t find any decent odds on the market, then you might want to try handicap betting. This subtracts a certain number of points for a participant that would put them at a disadvantage of winning the Grand Prix overall. While this makes this kind of bet less likely to succeed, it has the benefit of giving you better odds if you want to bet on favourites. So although it can be difficult to get this bet right, it has proven to be an invaluable weapon in the arsenal of many experienced sports betting fans.

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Best Bookmaker For Sports Betting

While speedway is still a relatively little known sport, this fact hasn’t stopped many of the top bookmakers in the UK and Europe giving you plenty of great odds for betting on this motor sport. Nearly all of the bookies in our list of bookmakers will give you a fair price for your speedway bets, and there’s plenty of intrigue to be had in comparing the speedway odds from the likes of Paddy Power, Betway, and William Hill.

If we were pushed to find a bookmaker who offers the best speedway betting service, then we have to admit that Ladbrokes have done a great job. This is one of the UK’s best known bookies and they provide an excellent range of odds for smaller domestic speedway tournaments like the SGB Premiership, as well as the Speedway World Championship and the European Championship.

However, it’s always worth shopping around for your speedway bets as different bookies seem to focus on particular racing tournaments. For excellent odds on an upcoming speedway Grand Prix, then you should definitely see what Unibet have to offer, but if you want to wager on anything from the Swedish Elitserien to the U21 World Championship, then NetBet should have your speedway betting needs covered.


Popular Speedway Betting Terms

While the basic sport of speedway is fairly straightforward to understand, it does have a few examples of jargon that might prove to be unfamiliar for all newcomers to the sport. We’ve put together this brief list of popular speedway terms so that you get to know your gating from your powersliding.

  • Gating — This refers to how quickly and efficiently each competitor makes it out of the starting ‘gates’; an incredibly important part of any speedway race.
  • Gates — There are four starting gates that are colour coded from red (inside gate) through blue and white gates to the yellow or black gate on the outside lane.
  • Curve speed — This is the average speed that riders race when they encounter a corner on a speedway track. Expect top riders to hit a curve speed of around 62mph.
  • FIM — The governing body behind all regulated speedway events. The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme also cover Motocross and Endurocross racing events.
  • Powersliding — Also known as broadsiding, this is the method used by riders to angle their bikes so that they can slow down for the corners without using brakes.
  • Grading — Each speedway track has four layers of grading that contains shale, granite, or even brick granules that help the competitors achieve their high speed powerslides.
  • Dutch peg — This is fitted to each speedway bike to stop a broken chain injuring any of the other riders.
  • Outright bet — This kind of bet is concerned with an overall speedway tournament winner, rather than the victor of a particular race.
  • Tape infringement — This occurs when a rider fails to remain stationary while waiting for the green light to start the race.
  • Dead heat — A speedway event has an extra dead heat race if the competitors have tied.

Top Tips For Betting On Speedway

Speedway has to be one of the most simplest sports to bet on. The motorsport is mercifully free of too many rules and technicalities that means that many newcomers to sports betting can quickly get to grips with the basics of wagering on speedway. Despite this, it’s clear that speedway betting in and of itself can be difficult to master. So here is a look at some very basic tips for speedway betting to get you started.

Tip #1: Keep An Eye On The Domestic Competitions

While the major tournaments like the Speedway Grand Prix tend to get the greatest amount of attention from the bookmakers, it can also be worth keeping an eye on the speedway stars in the domestic tournaments. Acclaimed speedway riders like Tai Woffinden regularly compete in the Polish Speedway Ekstraliga and the Swedish Elitserien, and these leagues can be excellent places to check in on the current form of the sport’s top stars. By following the progress of speedway riders through the domestic leagues, you should have a much better chance of spotting whenever any bookie has undervalued their odds for a big Grand Prix race. In such an event were to occur, you’ll have enough background knowledge to take advantage.

Tip 2: Bet On Speedway Teams

While most speedway races rely on the efforts of individual racing stars, things can get a little more complicated once an event like the Speedway of Nations come around. These are team based events where each team is made up of riders from different countries. The 2018 Speedway of Nations saw national teams from countries like Germany, USA, Australia, Italy, Finland, France and many more. Because of this, it’s worth taking the extra time to get to know how each of the individual riders in each team can help their side achieve a higher points score than their rivals. While many punters would have backed teams from the likes of the UK and Poland to win this tournament, it was the Russian side who managed to win the first ever FIM Speedway of Nations Final in 2018. This shows that as speedway becomes more popular in countries that would once have overlooked the sport, the more you will need to research your bets.

Tip 3: Don’t Forget Placed Finish Bets

Like many other racing sports, speedway allows you to make bets on a placed finish in a race. This kind of betting option is hugely helpful when a speedway race looks like it could be incredibly tricky to predict. As you will be betting on an individual rider to get a top three finish in a race out of four competitors, then the chances are that you probably won’t be getting much out of your placed finish bet. However, all experienced betting fans know that it’s these small bets that can help them more than relentlessly chasing a big win. Don’t forget that you can also use this betting tactic for the final result of 20 heats within a particular Speedway Grand Prix, or even for the finishing results over an entire speedway season.

Tip 4: Keep An Eye On The Outsider Bets

Fans of speedway will know that this is a sport that benefits from all manner of shock results. While certain names like the American, Greg Hancock, and the Australian, Jason Crump, managed to put together strong winning runs in the past decade, such dominance in speedway is the exception rather than the rule. This is why it’s a great idea to look at the U21 speedway competitions to see when any talented youngsters could be set to make a big breakthrough in the major speedway events. In the past few years we have seen great performances from the likes of Patryk Dudek, Bartosz Zmarzlik and Maciej Janowski, both of whom have managed to eclipse riders with many years’ more experience. So be sure to check on when a great new generation of speedway talent could be set to make a breakthrough.

Tip 5: Check Back With Betting.org

We should also mention that Betting.org is a great resource for anything to do with sports betting. All speedway fans would benefit from using our free odds comparison tool which is a great way to check the latest speedway odds from a massive variety of bookmakers. In addition to this, we also have in-depth profiles of all top bookies so that you can find out a little more about who is taking your bets. And with a helpful insight into the latest and greatest promotional offers, you should have everything you need to make the most of your speedway betting experience.


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