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Best Betting Strategy - Top Sports Betting Strategy for Tennis

Here we are aiming to provide you with key information that will help you create the best tennis betting strategy around. There are many different variables that make tennis intriguing and unpredictable, however we will examine them with the aim of coming up with a suitable strategy for betting on tennis. It might seem hard to find a successful formula, but there are many ways that you can help yourself, and they are a lot easier than you might think.
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Important factors to consider

  • Understand the surfaces that each event is played on
  • Check past performances on each event
  • Realise the preparation ahead of big tournaments

Knowing the surface and what it means

Firstly, there are three types of surfaces that tennis is primarily played on. They are clay courts, grass courts and hard courts. Whilst all of the top players are more than capable of playing on each surface, players have preferences. Failure to grasp this would be a major mistake for any tennis betting strategies.

The prime example to highlight the difference in the surfaces would be Rafa Nadal. The Spaniard is an all-time great, yet he has ten major wins in the French Open, compared to one in the Australian Open.

That’s because the French is played on a clay court, which he has been brought up on and is the master of, whilst the Australian is played on a hard court. Generally speaking, the harder courts and particularly grass (Wimbledon), suit players with big serves.

So, that is the number one rule for anyone wondering how to bet on tennis or if tennis betting is easy. You cannot go in without the basic knowledge if you want to create tennis betting strategies that work.

After you understand the surface and how each one suits different players, you have to compare it to the players strengths. As mentioned, clay suits Nadal because of his excellent groundwork, whereas big serving American John Isner is a different animal at Wimbledon on the grass than he is on clay. You are not going to know how to bet on tennis and win if you don’t know this.

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Know the players and their needs

The best tennis betting strategies will consider more than just the surface though, you will have to examine the players you are considering betting on. For example, the competitive nature of the sport means that if players aren’t at 100%, they can lose.

Checking for injuries are vital, particularly ahead of major tournaments. There are four majors, the French, Australian and US Opens and Wimbledon. They are the ones the players want to win. So, if a player is just building up fitness ahead of these, they aren’t likely to push themselves on regular tour matches. The focus will be on getting ready for the main event.

Alternatively, players lower down the rankings might need to get some wins in order to secure a place at these major events, and it’s worth a lot of money. Therefore, they will be giving everything to secure the win.

Whilst everyone is professional, it’s important to understand where tournaments rank in terms of priority for the players, it could be the difference between a winning and losing bet and the best tennis betting strategy will know exactly this.

We will help anyone wondering how to bet on tennis and win

At betting.org we simplify everything for you. Whether it’s getting tennis odds explained, handicap betting or even completely different sports like horse racing, we cover it all. As well as that, certain punters might be looking at how to bet on tennis online specifically, and our in depth guides will ensure you understand everything.

We recognise that it can be tough to identify the standout markets or the best value, which is why we help. You can check the content and make the decisions for yourself, but with betting.org you know you won’t be missing any key information.

We dedicate our site to enhancing your chances of winning and landing that much-needed profit, from teaching rookies how to bet on tennis odds, to identifying the best bonuses for the high rollers.


Final reminder!

  • Players strengths are suited to different surfaces
  • Check the players conditions before a tournament
  • Work out their schedules and see how it plays out
  • Remember that the four majors are the prime events

Stick with us for the best tennis betting strategy

The unpredictable nature of tennis and sport in general, means you can't always win – that's why it's so exciting. However, you can help yourself and that's what we aim to do. The most obvious way to do that with tennis is by developing your knowledge of the players and the events. The surface can be critical to the outcome and so can the players condition. Get clued up before you part with your money, or just follow our tennis tips! Small details can make a big difference when it comes to finding value and that's what any proper strategy has to consider.
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