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Everything You Need To Know About Betting Software Tools

Welcome to’s guide to software and betting tools. This is our resource for information on services that may assist you in your battle with the bookies.

As the betting industry has grown over the years the options for assistance have also grown. Of course, that may sound like great news, but now, on top of picking your preferred bookmaker, it feels like you’ve got a whole range of other choices to make.

For sure, we all want it to be easier to win when betting. The more of an edge we can give ourselves, the better. After all, you can be sure the bookmakers will be using every bit of new technology they can. If you want to outwit them, you’re going to need some help in your corner, too!

In this section, you will find reviews and analysis of the different software tools available to you. We’ll look at why and how they work — if they do work. We’ll check out where you can get betting tools free and what you’ll have to pay for the ones that aren’t free. Most importantly of all, you’ll learn about what else you can do to get a leg up on the bookmakers! Read on to see our advice on the best ways to boost your betting.

What Are The Best Tools To Use To Organise Your Betting?

There are plenty of options available to anyone looking for a shortcut to help them beat the bookies. All of these forms of aid have one thing in common: In the sales pitches of the people who developed them, they are more powerful, more reliable and all-around better than anything else you’ve tried before.

So what are your options? Read on for a few examples of the different betting tools available to you right now.

Value Bet Finders: This type of software is designed to check odds at the leading betting exchanges and bookmakers. The theory is that where exchanges and bookmakers disagree, it means the bookies have made a mistake — and that means you can profit. How does it work in practice? Only by reading our review will you be any the wiser!

Arbing/Arbitrage Betting Software: Like Value Bet Finders, but better — in theory. If you use arbing software correctly, according to its developers, you’ll always come out with a win. Not necessarily a big win, but you’ll always be ahead of the game if it works. A lot of marginal gains and small wins can combine to become a huge gain over time. If you’re successful with your arbing strategy, you’ll do pretty well for yourself. Let our review tell you how likely that is.

Dutching Calculators: In events with a large field, many of us find ourselves torn between different options, wondering which to back. Although one of them may give us a bigger payout, the other is more likely to win. A dutching calculator lets you split the stake across two or more options (going “Dutch”, as the saying goes) and enjoy the same winnings whatever the outcome. Our review will tell you how reliable the software is.

Soccer Prediction Software: You can go through a list of football matches and try to predict them all yourself. You could, instead, run a program that will do all the legwork for you, and make the bets with confidence. You should read our review to find out whether those are your only options — and which one is the smart choice. We’ve used this software and tested it against our own instincts; have a look and see how it measures up!

Betting Bots: How much more enjoyable would betting be if you didn’t have to sift through pages of odds, looking out for the split-second opportunity where the odds tilt in your favour? How much more money could you make if you didn’t have to be at your computer, or even awake, to place the bets? Our review of the software will tell you all you need to know, and how bots work — if indeed they work at all.

Sports Betting Algorithms: If you could see at a glance which bets are more likely to be successful, and where you should just cut your losses, that would make betting easier, right? Well, algorithm betting claims to help you maximise your returns with smarter bets. So say the people writing the software, anyway… but are they right?

Bet/Odds Tracker Software: As with value bet finder software, there are some programs that are written to identify the right time to bet and the right markets in which to do it. Bet trackers watch your prior bets and record in which markets you’re likely to be successful. As is the case with odds trackers, they tell you when a bet would be a good or bad idea. Are they right? We’ve done the checking for you!

Horse Racing Betting Tools: The most popular sport in the world for betting, horse racing can throw up shock winners and even more surprising losers. The developers of this type of software, though, insist that you’ll never be shocked again, as they’ll study the form for you and pick a winner. Can you trust them?

Why Are People Interested In Software Tools For Betting?

Why do people bet? They bet because they might win, and if they do, they’ll have more money than when they started.

Why are people interested in software tools for betting? The answer is equally simple. Software betting tools promise to make betting easier, faster and, most importantly, more successful. The theory goes that if you use a tool like the above to aid your betting, you will win more often and make more money.

In the case of betting bot software, it will even place your bets for you. So while you’re asleep in the UK, your software is betting on races in Australia. Imagine you always knew what the odds were, and could bet even when you were asleep!

More than anything, betting software is about cutting out the risk that is usually an aspect of all betting. It’s about removing the “if” from your calculations. Assuming betting software works, then your bets will come off more often — if not every time! That is the promise made by the people developing this software. If you can guarantee that you’ll win more often, then that’s a worthwhile investment, wouldn’t you say?

If you can find a way of betting that saves time and potentially ensures you more wins, then there really is no reason not to give it a try.

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What If I’ve Never Used Betting Software Before?

Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. We will explain how the software works and take you through the process from start to finish. At the end of our reviews you’ll be in no doubt over what the software does or whether it’s something you want to use yourself. We’ve sampled all of these different types of software and will give you a clear picture of the user experience. The final decision on whether to use them is up to you, but we’ll make sure you’re not missing any information.

Can Software Tools Really Make A Difference To Your Betting?

Here at, we are as interested as anyone in the prospect of freeing up more time and simultaneously making more winning bets. If we can find the software that makes our lives easier in so many ways, we want to know all about it. Everytime we read about software like the above, we’re desperate for it to work. Simple, risk-free betting? We’ll take that every time.

So, when we come to review this software, we’re keeping an open mind. We want the software to be effective, so we’re going to give it a chance. If it doesn’t work we aren’t going to pull our punches either — because software that makes you spend more money is the opposite of what we’re looking for. Either way, we are going to tell you the truth, because we’re not going to be the ones to steer you towards a bad experience.

We’ve gone to great lengths to review the leading software in all of the above categories to make sure that we - and you - are getting the intended experience. If this software can work, it’s going to be a real game changer in the betting industry. The people who get hold of it before the bookies catch up could stand to really benefit from it. We all know that’s a crowd we want to be part of.

What Other Options Are Out There?

Of course, if you are skeptical about this kind of software, then you will still be wondering what you could do to make your betting strategies more effective. Finding ways to bet more successfully is vital — because if you just keep losing, it’s not going to be fun.

The good news is that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding the best bets out there. We’re not going to tell you how to spend your money, and we are not going to tell you how the people behind the betting software do what they do. That’s up to them, and if people find it works out for them then that’s fair enough. We do, however, know of one sure way to do better when you’re betting.

Knowledge is power. If you’re betting on sport, it’s safe to say that you enjoy sport. In that case, it’s not going to be boring or stressful to learn more about it. We know this because it’s how we’ve gone about betting on, and writing about, the sports we enjoy. Over a period of time we’ve become experts in these sports, and specifically in betting on them.

That’s one option — you could become an expert on the sport of your choice, and take on the bookies from a position of advantage. The other option is to leave that to us. No, we’re not algorithms, and we can’t perform millions of calculations in the blink of an eye. What we do have going for us is a fondness for sport which borders on obsessive. We read about, watch and listen to a range of sports. We write about them, and we talk about them. Oh, and we bet on them — so we have a fair understanding of how the bookmakers work.

We’ve also come up with our own ways to make your betting more effective. For one thing, check out our match previews. We look at the past form of teams and players, and most of the variables that software programs can look at. We also look at plenty of things no software can ever understand, because sport can’t always be broken down into statistics.

You might also benefit from checking out our articles about How To Bet On Football, Tennis and a range of other sports. Filled with indispensable information and original tips, they’ll provide the kind of information you’re not going to get from an algorithm.

We’ve even innovated our own Odds Comparison Tool. It’s not going to pick the winner of a match or a race for you, but it will show you where you can get the best odds on a bet you want to make. Knowing that you can find the best odds for the same eventuality across different bookmakers, do you really want to settle for the first odds you can find?

In short, if you’re looking to find the best software to help you bet, we’ve been looking too - and we’ve got you covered!